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France: the left "celebrated" the first year of Macron in power with a massive march

The left party France Insumisa organized this Saturday in Paris a massive demonstration to protest against the first year of presidency of Emmanuel Macron whom they accuse of carrying out ] antisocial reforms and governing for the rich.

Under a strong security device, about 160,000 people according to the organizers, 40,000 according to the police participated in the ironically baptized "La fête à Macron " (The party of Macron).

A march called to condemn the first year of government of the head of state, who has acted " like an upside down Robin Hood: taking the poor out to give to the rich ", denounced that leftist party.

With disguises, chariots and provocative banners, the demonstrators marched from the central Opera Square to the Bastille in a festive and good smoke atmosphere r, as he had raised his promoter, the deputy Francois Ruffin.

"Stop the social coup", "I run less fast than in 68, but scream louder" or "Macron basta de circo", prayed some of the posters against the president.

Although the demonstration took place peacefully, there were moments of tension in the Plaza de la Bastille when a dozen of hooded men began to attack radio and television mobiles, demanding that they leave, which led to the intervention of riot police.

Also in that square an agent was wounded, but not seriously, when receiving the projectile impact , reported the news agency of EFE.

In total, four people were detained by the police forces in the controls practiced in the accesses, for carrying objects considered to be unauthorized weapons. [19659002] About 2,000 po Licenses and gendarmes were deployed to guarantee the order of the convocation, a third more than during the union demonstration on May 1 in the French capital, which degenerated into serious disturbances when infiltrated by small groups of the extreme left.

Fear of new incidents led the government to increase the number of troops and to accuse the organizers of "La fiesta de Macron" of using proclamations that could be interpreted as an incitement to violence, something rejected by La Francia Insumisa.

"We are a concentration Happy and smiling. A concentration that condemns violence and in the first place the verbal violence of the almighty, "said its leader, Jean-Luc Mélenchon who came fourth in the presidential elections of 2017 with 19.58%, less half a point below the third, the conservative Francois Fillon (20.01%).

In France there have been strikes and days of protest for Macron's intention to apply a reform The image of the president has suffered a severe erosion in his first year in power.

According to a survey released today by local media, 52% of the French have a bad Macron's image and 59% do not want him to run for re-election by 2022.

The survey, carried out by the Odoxa Demoscopic Institute, was published today by the newspapers Le Figaro and France Info, and indicated as the main defects awarded to Macro n his lack of humility and inclination to favor, with his management policies, the most powerful sectors.

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