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Labor reform: Triaca asked Pablo Moyano to "read the project" and stop "throwing stones from the side"

The Minister of Labor, Jorge Triaca rejected this Saturday the proposal in favor of a general strike made by the Assistant Secretary of Truckers, Pablo Moyano to repudiate the labor reform, and asked him to "read the project" with "sufficient maturity" and let "throw stones from the side".

] "I would ask those leaders to read the bill they themselves participated in. Pablo Moyano's brother (the lawyer" Huguito "Moyano) was one of those who was working on the drafting of that project. I ask for sufficient maturity to analyze what they themselves participated in its drafting, "said the national official.

In dialogue with Radio Continental, the member of the Cabinet questioned the possibility that the trade union leader considered to call a general strike from the CGT to reject the reform lab

The minister assured that "sometimes there are leaders who masquerade in positions that are more linked to the situation and do not see the reality: employment has grown, poverty has decreased, inflation is still lower. "

" It's a path that has to overcome obstacles and difficulties, but if we do it working together, it's easier. When some people do it, throwing stones from the side does not help us solve problems, "he added.

In that sense, the head of the labor portfolio referred to the compensation issue raised by the initiative and explained that "the indemnity regime is not modified, but it is defined and clearly, because there are courts that fail in one way and others in another. That is unpredictability for the development of the economy and productive capacity. "

" There are inflated labor demands that end up dumping small and medium enterprises, which are reluctant to hire workers because they do not know what the cost of labor is. dissociation ", indicated the former national deputy.

He added:" There are several positions. We take the one from the City of Buenos Aires, which does not include the Christmas bonus; although other jurisdictions do include it. There may be differences and divergences, but it is the legislator's task to seek agreements. We have a lot to work on yet. We do not worry about this, but we want it to be on the agenda for debate. "

Asked about the possibility of the Government accepting modifications to the bill sent to Congress, the Labor Minister stressed that on the part of the Casa Rosada "do not send projects to closed book."

In this regard, he stressed that "legislators have to do their homework and incorporate the best to generate predictability, certainty and that there is a clear message to workers and employers that the rules are going to be respected, so welcome that debate. "

That opening to possible modifications to the project by the national legislators clashes with the position that until now maintains the Justicialista Bloc of the Senate whose votes are the key to the projects of the ruling party advance.

Miguel Pichetto, the head of that caucus, said they are not willing to discuss these initiatives due to the rejection that it generates among the unions and, according to NA sources in that block, some of the senators who respond consider that it is up to the Government to reach an agreement with the unions regarding the content of the reform.

Triaca maintained that "there must be maturity of the political and social leaders, because these are the issues that concern the workers" and added: "Attached to a slogan from the past or to a look in the rearview mirror, we will solve it. Many of those who criticize today did nothing to solve it, "he said.

In contrast to Pablo Moyano's criticisms, Triaca remarked that" the dialogue with (union) leaders in general is mature "and stressed that they have" advanced with more than 70% of paritarias during this period, several important paritarias remain. "

" For us, the dialogue table, the way we tell ourselves things by putting the truth on the table is essential, "the minister concluded. of Work.

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