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The INTI will be part of the new edition of EPIBA

In the framework of its strategy to link more and more with productive companies, and in particular with those that are in the most populated belt of the country, the INTI will once again participate in the Exhibition of Industrial Parks of the Province of Buenos Aires (EPIBA) during Thursday 17 and Friday, May 18 at the Industrial Pole of Ezeiza.

The presence of the technological institute in this productive meeting is complemented by a greater initiative during the last months of 2017: the disembarkation in three industrial parks of Greater Buenos Aires.

This is the property of Pilar; La Cantábrica, in the town of Haedo, municipality of Morón; and Almirante Brown's Planned Industrial Sector (SIPAB). To them, the INTI has assigned engineers -one for each park-, who act as technological linkers: their task is to relate to all the firms located in each place and even with some located in the vicinity of these properties, and thus identify its realities, problems, strengths, needs, deficiencies, and bring all the services that the public institute can offer them in order to improve their productivity.

The linking offices are connected with the local entities that the Industrial Union of the province of Buenos Aires (UIPBA) has in the districts (Cámara Empresaria de Pilar, Unión Industrial del Oeste and the Mixed Commission of Almirante Brown); with the administration of each park and also with officials from the areas of Industry, Production or Local Development of the different municipalities of the Buenos Aires conurbation.

The 2018 edition of EPIBA will be the fourth since its creation, and is always carried out under the organization of Red Parks. There, INTI will have its space within the stand of the Ministry of Production, on which it depends institutionally. In this context, the technological linkers in industrial parks will be able to better tell all the SMEs that attend the exhibition about the capabilities of the INTI and also about services such as diagnostics without charge for each company that requests it.

, as part of the cycle of conferences of the event, the Regional Assistance Manager of the Institute, Mariano Ortega will present in the panel Development of industrial SMEs, along with the Commercial Manager of the Bank of Investment and Foreign Trade ( BICE), Eduardo Cirilli ; and the Director of Supplier Development of the Secretary of Industry of the Nation, Eduardo Wegman .

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