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The City will have the first subway station named after a woman

A subway station H line will be the first to bear the name of a woman in homage to the medical, political and feminist Julieta Lanteri who was elected by the Ministry of Urban Development and Transport.

Lanteri, recognized for having held the first women's suffrage in Argentina and Latin America in 1911, won with 45% of the votes María Angélica Barreda the first woman to become a lawyer in the country, and Celia Tapia also a lawyer and the first to practice in the City of Buenos Aires.

The new station, which will be the northern head of line H, will open on May 17 under the name "Faculty of Law-Julieta Lanteri", also known as having been the first graduate of the National School of La Plata and then the fifth medical received in the country.

Buenos Aires underground network "will add one kilometer and facilitate circulation to 50,000 residents and 32,000 students who attend that faculty", highlighted the Portfolio of Transportation .

"More than 100 years ago, the City of Buenos Aires has underground transport, in 1913 it inaugurated line A and today it has six, with a total of 86 stations, of which more than 30 are named after men, usually Argentine heroes, "he explained.

After the election of the name, the authorities of the Commune 2 (which includes the neighborhood of Recoleta) must present the project before the Legislature to endorse the decision.

The Italian-Argentinean activist Lanteri, who since she was very young she fought for the rights of women, she is also remembered for having organized the International Women's Congress in Buenos Aires in 1910 -during the centenary of the May Revolution- and for having founded the National Feminist Party. [19659004] "This is a humble acknowledgment of the fundamental role that Argentine women have had and have in the struggle for civic rights, and that has been invisible for a long time," said the Minister of Urban Development and Transport and promoter of the initiative , Franco Moccia.

He added: "The idea is that the station also has works of art and information available for visitors and users to meet these women."

Through the vote of the neighbors, which took place between April 23 and 29, the activist won 78,247 votes, followed by Barreda, who received 49,544, and Tapia, who came in third with 46,868 votes.

In full activity and when her work was known in the country and the world, Lanteri was hit by a car on February 23, 1932 at the corner of Diagonal Norte and Suipacha, which caused her death two days later.

There were a few days before he turned 59 and he had laid the foundations for women to vote, a right that was reserved for men and extended to women in 1947, under the presidency of Juan Domingo Perón. [19659004] Barreda, meanwhile, is remembered for having graduated from the Faculty of Legal and Social Sciences of the National University of La Plata in 1909 and for taking an oath in May of the following year, in the same room where 100 years ago they had done so. members of the First Board.

Also, Tapia is recognized as the first lawyer and for having worked with the socialist Alfredo Palacios, with whom he began to trace the way for women to occupy positions in the pod judicial and can practice as professionals.

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