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An agent and an offender were injured after assault on police detachment

A criminal was wounded in two bullets when he broke into a container-type police detachment this afternoon in the Buenos Aires district of Quilmes, and faced two soldiers, one of whom was shot in his bulletproof vest, reported sources of the force.

The investigators think that the pistol and the vest that kidnapped to the civilian shot to him - that was stopped - they were stolen last Friday during an assault to two policemen in another similar position that works in the Buenosairean conurbano.

Police sources informed Télam that, in the case of Quilmes, the incident occurred in a container-type detachment located in a roundabout where the avenues Oscar Smith and La Plata converge, in the western zone of the said southern part of the Great Buenos Aires.

It all started when two soldiers were inside the small detachment, sheltered from the rain, when a young man armed and wearing or a bulletproof vest burst into the place and threatened them.

According to the spokesmen, the delinquent demanded that the policemen lock themselves inside the bathroom of the small post, circumstances in which one of the soldiers resisted and braided in a hand-to-hand fight with him.

In the middle of the fight, the offender fired several shots, at which the second policeman shot him twice with his regulation gun, the informants said.

of the shooting, the offender received two wounds in the lumbar area and was reduced while the policeman who fired was hit by a bullet in his protective vest, at the height of the abdomen, the spokesmen explained. ] According to the sources, the detainee was taken to a local hospital where he was placed in custody, while the cash that was shot in his bulletproof vest also had to receive medical assistance.

They kidnapped in possession of the offender a pistol brand Bersa Pro caliber 9 millimeters, with the numbering suppressed and inscriptions of the Buenosairean Police - just like the vest that it was wearing- and the keys of a Volkswagen Fox that was parked about 20 meters from the police post, on Craviotto Street.

The sources specified that the investigations determined later that this car had a patent apocryphal sheet and a request for kidnapping for theft of the 6th of last month, in the jurisdiction of the neighboring party of Florencio Varela. [19659003] The detainee, aged 24 and residing in the town of Bosques, was at the disposal of the prosecutor Karina Gallo, of the Functional Unit of Instruction (UFI) 4 of the Quilmes Judicial Department, who ordered that the experts be in charge of of the experts of the National Gendarmerie.

The spokesmen added that the prosecutor Gallo was present at the scene of the incident at the head of the proceedings of rigor and He already took a testimonial statement from the two policemen involved in the incident.

The police station at Smith and Avenida La Plata was inaugurated in May last year along with other posts of the same characteristics distributed in the Quilmes area and other points. of the conurbano.

One of those positions is located in Monteverde Avenue and Agrelo, next to the bridge of the town of Claypole, party of Almirante Brown, where last Friday two local police officers were assaulted by an armed delinquent who maniató and gag inside the post.

In that fact, the assailant stole the police pistols and bulletproof vests of the police; therefore, a spokesman for the investigation told Telam that part of that equipment was used by the criminal of Quilmes.

This afternoon was the third attack on a police unit committed in Greater Buenos Aires in the last six days, after last Monday, an armed group tried to release the shots of an inmate from the San Justo police station, as a result of which one cash was badly injured and six suspects were arrested.

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