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The W20 presented its work agenda before the Sherpas of the G20

In the framework of the second meeting of Sherpas of the G20 that is taking place in Ushuaia, the Women 20 presented its lines of work and main objectives.

Juliana Bonetto Sherpa of the W20, represented the affinity group at the second meeting of Sherpas of the G20, in which the representatives of countries and organisms that make up the G20 debate over the next few days the main issues that occupy the agendas of global leaders. In this context, Bonetto, on behalf of Susana Balbo, Chair of the W20, gave a presentation speech and gave the Sherpas a document on gender perspective in the approach to the future of work.

"The topics we work on have a unique objective: to help economies grow while we build sustainable societies " asserted the Sherpa of the W20 after presenting the 4 axes that guide the work of the W20 for 2018: labor inclusion, financial inclusion, digital inclusion and women rural.

The gender agenda gains space in the G20 since in 2014, during the Australian presidency, it was agreed to conform the Women 20 as an official affinity group to the G20 with the objective of representing the interests of women in the design of policies public that affect their possibility of economic development. In this context, the G20 leaders agree that it is vital to advocate for inclusion. Svetlana Lukash Russian Sherpa, one of the few female Sherpas, highlights the importance of equality in public policy "It is a way to guarantee global growth, which can only be strong and sustainable in time when it is balanced and inclusive at the same time The empowerment of women is a potential to exploit to achieve economic development. "

For his part, the Sherpa of Mexico, Carlos de Icaza, stressed the importance of the gender perspective in the design of policies and the need for commitment: "A progressive agenda on gender that promotes substantive equality between men and women is an issue that belongs to all of us and that should be present in all public policies. "

The W20 continues with its work agenda focused on the promotion of recommendations aimed at developing the full economic development of women. In this regard, it will launch a series of documents during the next month aimed at nurturing the G20 working groups with a gender perspective.

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