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In Colombia they bet on investment in amusement parks

Although last year was not the best for the business of the amusement parks in Colombia, operators are still betting on optimism and the purpose of competing with quality. The variety in the offer, the inclusion of the entertainment item in the family basket and the union of the most important players in the market makes this sector continue to grow and be strengthened with the implementation of new strategies and operations models.

of these three factors for their growth in the country, organizing has been the fundamental key. "We are currently 52 operators that gather around 250 parks of different categories and 30 suppliers for a total of 82 affiliated companies throughout the country" says Ángela Díaz, executive director of the Colombian Association of Attractions and Parks de Diversiones, ACOLAP.

Although the competition goes ahead, and both Mexico and Brazil are the undisputed leaders in the region, Colombia already belongs to the club of one million visitors per year, with Mundo Aventura in Bogotá registering 1,180,000, and the National Coffee Park in Quindío with 1,050,000, both during 2017.

These figures are made official by the 2016 Global Assistance Assistance Report carried out by AECOM (multinational engineering firm that provides design services, consulting, construction and administration), and locates Mundo Aventura and the National Coffee Park in the eighth and tenth positions of the Latin American top. [19659002] This ranking is headed by the Six Flags park in Mexico City, which occupies the first place with 2,486,000 visitors, and the Beto Carrero World, located in Santa Catarina, Mexico, in the second place, with 2,080,000 visitors during the same year.

This same report places Piscilago (Melgar, via Girardot) in 5th place among the top 10 water parks in Latin America, with 1,018,000 visitors for the past year and which is located very close to the Cafam Extreme Slides in Melgar a complex of last generation attractions in which they have made investments for twenty-eight billion pesos.

Based on the results of this study, the executive director of Acolap he affirms that the union's commitment to the country's economy and the investments in amusement parks that speak for themselves are evident. "Apart from Piscilago, there are developments such as Yippe, the new roller coaster of the Coffee Park in which resources were invested for more than twenty billion pesos, the wave pool of Cafam, also with twenty billion of pesos, the aquatic roller coaster Splash de Salitre Mágico with investments for five thousand five hundred million pesos and Quantum, the roller coaster of Mundo Aventura in which this park invested more than two thousand two hundred million pesos "says Díaz.

With this dynamic, the sector of amusement parks continues to grow in the country and its guild character continues to be its axis. Testimony of this organization is the annual meeting that Acolap carries out for ten years and that this year, with the slogan "Learning from successful models", will be held between May 23 and 25 in the city of Pereira, one of the most important epicenters of tourism and entertainment in Colombia.

According to the trade union director, "this tenth meeting will focus on the analysis of successful experiences of other companies and other sectors." The purpose will be to learn and strengthen the management of strategic processes, such as security, customer service, marketing and the use of new technologies, giving a 360 ° look at this national industry that provides entertainment, fun and happiness to more than 20 million people each year. "

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