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Mosca accused Bucca of being "obsessed with wearing down the government"

Fly (der.) And Bucca, friends of decades, today faced by the tariff policy.

The long friendship between the current holder of the Chamber of Deputies of Buenos Aires, Manuel Mosca and Eduardo "Bali" Bucca ex-mayor of Bolívar and current National deputy, seems to be coming to an end .

"Leaders like Bali Bucca, who were part of the Government that brought us to this complex energy situation, today they intend to pierce the Government and the Argentine economy, product of the electoral anxiety that they can not administer "Mosca fired from his Twitter account, adding that " the government they belonged to squandered 150 billion dollars in subsidies to those who have more "

The statements come after Bucca was designated as who convened the mayors to Congress of Kirchnerism, last week, to expose against the Government's tariff policy.

The head of the Buenos Aires Lower House analyzed that "no one doubts the effort that Argentines are making to order, among all, the economic and energy disaster that 12 years of Kirchnerism caused in our country" , but considered that this order "is not achieved with a project that consumes the State, 200 billion pesos and that affects the resources that are turned over by co-participation to the provinces" .

Mosca and Bucca -both natives of Bolívar- have publicly shown their friendship and had presented together in more than one act of management, even in different political spaces.

" I feel very sorry personally, for our bond of friendship, to see how Bali Bucca behaves with absolute irresponsibility from the Congress.I knew him 30 years ago and I never saw him so obsessed with wearing someone, as he does with this Government, promoting a demagogue and opportunist project "concluded Mosca.


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