We are working hard to avoid the second wave of the pandemic

The vaccine developed in Russia will be available to the rest of the population in the coming months. For this reason, Magario asked citizens for “maximum responsibility” to maintain social distancing, the use of the chinstrap and the recurrent washing of hands.

In harmony and articulation with the National Vaccination Committee that leads the President Alberto Fernández and the Minister of Health, Ginés González García, the provincial government wants to advance as quickly as possible in vaccination once the doses are available.

Magario explained that in the first stage they will seek to drastically reduce the level of mortality generated by Covid-19 and in parallel begin to cut the chain of transmission of the virus in the province and the country.

The deputy governor met yesterday with the governor of Buenos Aires, Axel Kicillof and the interministerial committee dedicated to planning the provincial vaccination plan against the outbreak of disease caused by the new strain of coronavirus.

At the meeting it was resolved that the expression of the will of the citizen will be the first step to access a vaccination shift since the plan will be voluntary, as well as public and free.

“We are before one of the greatest health challenges in the history of the country. In the province we are working intensely to reach everyone as quickly as possible, starting with risk groups and essential personnel ”Magario said after meeting with the committee.

The inter-ministerial vaccination committee includes the chief of the cabinet of ministers, Carlos Bianco ; the Ministers of Community Development, Andrés Larroque ; of Government, María Teresa García ; Health, Daniel Gollán ; of Security, Sergio Berni ; of Work, Mara Ruiz Malec ; the deputy minister, Nicolás Kreplak ; the Undersecretary of Information Management, Permanent Education and Inspection, Leticia Ceriani ; and the holder of ARBA, Cristian Girard .

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