Without the IFE, the Government confirmed that it is evaluating social assistance alternatives by the end of the year

"It is clear that the State is not withdrawing, and there is a clear commitment by President Alberto Fernández to help those who have the least" he said.

Along with the already announced extension of the ban on dismissals, Arroyo affirmed that the payment of the Alimentar card will double in December, that an inclusion plan for young people has already been launched and that the Empower Work plan will be extended, which currently reaches 600 thousand workers in the popular economy. [19659002] The head of Social Development stated: “From the Government we know that it was a very complicated year, and we are evaluating alternatives for the most affected sectors. But there is a clear decision to reinforce assistance and accompaniment very strongly by the end of the year ”.

Arroyo indicated that he is concerned about food inflation, especially due to the neighborhood price index that they carry out from the Ministry. “We are going to extend measures to lower the cost of basic products such as milk to less than $ 40 and bread to less than $ 70. And we are going to double in December the amount of the food card, which reaches more than one and a half million mothers throughout the country. ”

The official also indicated that the Empower Work plan will be extended, “ which is an income base for those who have difficulties to reintegrate into the labor market. ”

Along these lines, he said that in the various meetings he held with IMF missions, he always stated that Argentina is going through "a critical situation" in recent years, which was aggravated by the pandemic. “Without a doubt, reconstruction goes through work and popular production. We are making progress in the conversion of social programs into work, focused on five productive sectors: construction, food production, textiles, the care economy and recycling. From the Ministry we have a very strong commitment to accompany in the labor reintegration, because we have the conviction that work orders society as a whole. ”

Finally, in statements to Radio Continental, Arroyo stated that the government has a “model of economic and fiscal rationality, but with everyone inside. That is the President's proposal and it is reflected in this year's budget priority, where there was a clear decision to support those who have the least ”.

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