Alberto started a plan to unify the CGT with a chain of gestures to the Moyano

Tonight's meeting completed the tightrope cycle established by the President in the union field since he started his administration: after lunch with the CGT and the event with the trucker leader, the nightly appointment corresponded to the two main referents of the Front Trade Union for the National Model (Fresimona), Pablo Moyano and Manrique. In addition to transmitting his request to advance in 2021 with the unification of the CGT, the owner of the house confirmed to the leaders that he will seat the Fresimona at the table of the Economic and Social Council once it is constituted.

Since the progressive departure in 2018 of the Moyano from the CGT Board of Directors (Pablo did it first, then Facundo and was followed by several secretaries who respond to the trucker leader) the organization went from a triumvirate leadership (one of the The renouncers was Juan Carlos Schmid) to another duo, with Héctor Daer (Health) and Carlos Acuña (garajistas) as formal leaders. Both, supported by the "fat" of the large service unions and by the gastronomic Luis Barrionuevo, respectively, in alliance with the "independents" Gerardo Martínez (bricklayers, Uocra), Andrés Rodríguez (UPCN state) and José Luis Lingeri ( Sanitary Works).

That scheme was supposed to give way to a new leadership last August but the pandemic extended all administrative deadlines and granted the co-secretaries general a survival of at least one year, according to the calculations of the occupants of Azopardo themselves 802 This extension circumstantially mitigated but did not dampen Hugo Moyano's interest in displacing the "fat men" from the leadership, nor Pablo's own ambition to be at the head of the CGT. In this constant tension between groups, Alberto Fernández is forced to balance so as not to arouse anger.

Today the whole deployment fell to the truck driver. At 11:30, he and Kicillof attended the union federation chaired by Moyano, in Caseros 921. “Everyone knows how much I value and love Hugo. He is a great leader, "said Alberto Fernández when he had to speak in the congress of the drivers' union. And he recalled a joint effort with the union member during the first years of Néstor Kirchner's administration, when Fernández served as chief of staff.

The CGT, which had just celebrated the lunch at the beginning of the month with Alberto in Olivos together with part of his Cabinet (Gustavo Béliz, Julio Vitobello, Claudio Moroni and Cecilia Todesca) yesterday had to settle for a visit that the new Minister of Territorial Development and Habitat, Jorge Ferraresi, made to the leadership of Azopardo. For the labor union, however, it was a relevant meeting due to the interest in reactivating the official plans for the construction of social housing and plans for access to their own home for the middle class with its consequent impact on employment. .

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