They agree to promote the financing of the mining sector in the capital market

The activity in workshop format allowed developing a common strategic agenda that seeks to link capital market resources with various sectors of the real economy that generate a virtuous dynamic of productive activity throughout the country.


With mining, the CNV started a line of work to boost financing to sectors strategies of the economy through the capital market.


The objective of the agreement between both public bodies is "to achieve a positive impact on the real economy" and for this they agree to create the conditions for "achieving the expansion of financing structures in Argentina."

The funds that are intended to be injected into the sector take into account both local companies as foreigners who are willing to register under some public offering regime in this country.

It also provides for the development of institutional dissemination of the financial tools available in the capital market with sector actors, representative chambers and provincial authorities of jurisdictions with mining activity.

"The national government intends to develop mining potential, and for this to have an instrument that derives from a mining panel and a double listing system" the official from the Productive Development portfolio highlighted during the meeting. [19659007] Hensel assured that this instance "will mark a before and after in the history of the different tools used for the development of mining activity, especially at the time with the Mining Investment Promotion Law, but that today it needs other instruments such as the possibility of working with the CNV ".

The representation of the public sector shared the activity with delegates from the Chamber of Mining Entrepreneurs (CAEM), Bolsas y Mercados Argentinos (ByMA), the San Juan Stock Exchange, and companies such as AbraPlata Resource Corp., Oro Cobre (Jujuy), the Trade area of ​​the British Embassy in Argentina, among other actors.

From the virtual meeting pa The undersecretary of Mining Development, Laura Rópolo and the directors Matías Isasa and Sebastián Negri participated in the CNV, as well as the technical teams. [19659007] Hensel reiterated that "Argentina must have a scheme that allows the development of a capital market linked to mining activity, with a double listing system that is listed here and in Toronto, for example," when referring to a job that began develop in recent months.

In this sense, the secretary considered that "in the Argentine private sector there are resources and it is key that each one can have them as an option." "It is necessary to develop a capital market - he insisted in the same vein - that generates investment possibilities for both local and foreign actors through a double listing system, and I am convinced that it will be good for us".

Cosentino, for its part, highlighted the need to "elaborate a tactical and instrumental framework" and the "notion of doing a totally tailored and well-articulated job to find the best ways and solutions" that contributes from the capital market to financing towards very relevant sectors of the national economy.

This chapter of the CNV is framed by a logic of sectoral work through a series of new instruments for collective investment, specific products for regional economies and the recently presented Program to Promote the Capital Opening (PIAC).

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