Gymnastics and Huracán did not risk more and classified the two

The game was played at the Juan Carmelo Zerillo stadium in the Buenos Aires capital, through Zone 6 of the Diego Maradona Cup, and was refereed by Fernando Echenique, who sent José Paradela (24m. PT) off the premises and the visitor to Lucas Merolla (40m. ST). EAAGZAH4sEtVABAAjvpXhYqEHoLbc9zjZBgyVXrglJ49WoqRdOkEmaVxh2ZC2GleW8bGNNwMqVbgosBKw74aphWZAzZCZCbdi3rwy1hdhQqof1yke20OJL5mkh5J0ZBsQpo0DMxfKkXIBZAeLcZBJIJ39wwmKhBvOu0UQZD

Both teams were planted in the field with a more physical than tactical pose and thus played game actions. In the midst of football parity, Gimnasia had the first approaches, but with little clarity, that with the passing of the minutes the development was equaled by the visiting team.

Then, the team led by the technical duo Mariano Messera-Leandro Martini was conditioned at 24 minutes by the expulsion of José Paradela after a foul on Andrés Chávez.

At 40 minutes Echenique showed Merolla the red, after showing him the second yellow.

In the second half the game continued to be even, Gimnasia had more the ball, due to the obligation it had to win without depending on the other result, but it was difficult for him to reach the rival goal. [19659008] The premises improved with the entry of the Uruguayan Brahian Alemán, although the only clear one was the free kick of the Paraguayan Víctor Ayala that Facundo Cambeses picked up.

Known the end in Paraná, in the four additional minutes it was not hit They both ended up celebrating and celebrating.

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