They broadcast a video in which Nahir Galarza, at 16, denounced that she had been abused in a wasteland


In the video, which was edited and the facts are not clearly told, Nahir, currently 21 years old, hints that she was taken to a wasteland by at least two men, who was "reviewed" , while she was almost unconscious for having vanished after smelling a strong smell, and then she ended up dirty, with dirt and blood stains. She also pointed out that she told her parents and they decided to accompany her to make a complaint.

According to Zonzini, the video was hidden by the "complicity of politics, justice and the media of Entre Ríos". [19659004]

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The image of the alleged complaint that Nahir Galarza made when he was 16 years old and that is quoted in the broadcast video.

Courtesy: El Trece TV

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According to the recording, Fernando Pastorizo ​​participated in the attack perpetuated in October 2014 by Nahir Galarza.

Courtesy: El Trece TV

On July 24, the lawyer María Raquel Hermida Leyenda joined her colleagues José Ostolaza and Pablo Sotelo to work in defense of the convicted young woman.

"I accepted the defense of Nahir Galarza We seek a judgment with a gender perspective "Hermida Leyenda, recognized as an expert on gender issues, then expressed in her Twitter social network account.

The crime occurred on December 29, 2017 around 5:00 when Pastorizzo, 20 years old , agreed to take the young woman, then 19, to his home on his motorcycle. According to Justice, Nahir took the regulatory weapon of her father, an active police officer, and executed her boyfriend with two shots in the back.

At first, the girl admitted her responsibility for the crime, although in one Subsequent statement said that it had been the victim who had taken the weapon and that he ended up shooting him in the middle of an accidental struggle, although that version was not believed by the judges.

On July 3, 2018, Galarza was considered unanimously guilty of the crime of "homicide aggravated by the relationship of a couple" and sentenced to life imprisonment.

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