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Advances the masterplan of the Ezeiza airport to increase the number of passengers by 70%

With the objective of integrally transforming the Ezeiza airport, the Government is advancing with an ambitious work plan to expand the capacity of the terminal four times and to move to transport 10 million passengers per year to no less than 17 million in the year.

While the masterplan was launched in 2016 it is expected to be completed in 2021 after a total investment of some $ 15,000 million. The extension will allow its three original terminals to operate in an integrated manner with a single building for departures and another for arrivals. Thus, the airport that today has 58,400 m² will have 217,230 m² and will have more than 250 check-in posts.

The new works will completely transform the terminal aspect. The structural changes aim to give more space to cabotage flights. For the time being, the Ministry of Transportation anticipated that Terminal A will be reformed so that only cabotage flights operate there, giving a greater boost to local flights from the international airport.

"We want Ezeiza to be an important cabotage airport and for that we are going to encourage the southern passenger to go to Ezeiza" said the owner of the portfolio during the presentation to the dam the progress in the works at the airport.

In addition to the construction of two new buildings for departures and arrivals, the masterplan also includes a reconstruction of the main runway and the secondary runway, a new control tower and a new multilevel parking lot with capacity for 1,800 vehicles. The Government defines the transformation of the Ezeiza airport as the most ambitious work plan in terms of its commercial infrastructure policy.

As figurehead of the "aircraft revolution" with which the government dreams, the authorities estimate that thanks to this masterplan operations in Ezeiza will increase up to 40% from 2021 Within the official forecasts, it foresees that the 10 million annual passengers that today parade through the international airport will be no less than 17 million when the works plan is finished.

For the time being, the works undertaken by the Government do not foresee providing the airport with a new connectivity with public transport. After the closure of the ArBus service that connected the international airport with the City of Buenos Aires, many passengers were left without an economic alternative to reach Ezeiza.

In this regard, Dietrich reiterated that "in the medium term a train line "that arrives at the airport is not included. However, the Minister of Transportation said that "we are working on connectivity with the Buenos Aires Center and the Aeroparque" .

The truth is that the expansion of the Ezeiza airport occurs in the midst of the arrival of new airlines to Argentina. FlyBondi, Norwegian, Avianca and Ethiopian, are the companies that are already operating and in the coming months Air Canada will be added with flights to Toronto and Edelweiss with trips to Zurich.

While Dietrich himself recognizes that in recent years " There were improvements "in the conditions for companies to fly to and from Argentina, the Minister of Transportation also recognizes that" there is still much to be done ". In that sense, the official said that "in our country airport charges are expensive" so "we aim to reduce them." However, Dietrich noted that "this year there will be no changes" in the value charged to passengers for the use of airport facilities.

Slip the line and look before and after. On the left, an image of how Ezeiza is currently; On the right, how the airport will look after the works.

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