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A polo horse, the Argentine gift for Xi Jinping

The gift was given by the owner of the AAP, Eduardo Novillo Astrada, as a gesture for the agreement reached between both countries to export standing cattle, such as for example horses of the Polo Argentino breed.

"Argentina is today a leading country and pioneer in the breeding of Polo horses, we are number one with the generation of work in tamers, petits, saddlers, veterinarians. Around this sport, there is a whole industry that goes with it "said Novillo Astrada (son).

He added:" It is an honor to be able to give the president of China a copy of Polo's horse, an example of the excellence of our country in the world pole. "

" We have to get the pole back to China "Macri

In the country, the best polo horses in the world are produced, with characteristics and distinctive features of speed, strength and endurance determined by the Polo Argentino race. Each year there are between five and seven thousand horses of this prestigious race, arising from the crossing of mestizos of the field .

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"We want to reinstall the pole in China. discovered that there started more than 1000 years ago and women also practiced it.We have to get the pole back to China and that is why today, the president of the polo governing body in our country, Eduardo Novillo Astrada (h) , gave him a polo horse, "Mauricio Macri said at a press conference shared with Xi Jinping,

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