Vicentin: Government ratified that the path is expropriation

After that meeting yesterday, the cereal group stated that "there are different public-private alternatives that overcome" the expropriation of the company announced by the national government, and assured that its priority is "to protect the company and guarantee the sources of work. "

" We understand that there are different public-private alternatives that are superior and the authorities (of the national government) have indicated their willingness to analyze them, "the Vicentin directory said in a statement.

There, he remarked that the "priority continues to be protecting our company and our people, guaranteeing jobs and preserving the legacy of a national company that is the pride of the interior of the country."

The group's executive director, Sergio Nardelli, was received yesterday by President Alberto Fernández in the Quinta de Olivos to analyze the situation of the company intervened by the Government.

"He told us of his determination to sa lvar the company, an objective with which we naturally agree. We do not agree with the expropriation procedure that the President considers to be the appropriate one for that purpose, "the board pointed out in this regard.

The members of Vicentin will meet with Gabriel Delgado, the Financial Controller appointed by the Executive Power, and with YPF executives to continue the dialogue started yesterday with the President and analyze alternatives.


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