Due to offers and preview, luxury tourism now attracts more Argentines

In this regard, the high-end establishments maintain prices in dollars but are paid in pesos and even in installments . The dollar gap makes it a good time for many to reserve a place in these accommodations. "It is not that they lowered the prices, but that they came out with aggressive promotions to stimulate the demand that together with the pre-sale, seek to boost tourism again," Amengual concluded.

With the start of December, tourists were encouraged to make progress in planning their trips. From the tourism agencies dedicated to luxury products, they assure that the demand was awakened and there are good reserves. "High-end products are selling well that until recently were asleep and people did not consult," assured Cecilia Vignolo, Sales Manager of Biblos Travel. Now, the Argentine tourist began to hire against the clock to travel in January and February. In any case, the Pre-trip program also promoted reservations for March. “In the last two weeks, the biggest seller, which drastically changed the equation, was national. All these luxury hotels, which compete with places in Italy or France, maintain their prices in dollars but are paid in pesos, which is why it is cheap, ”added Vignolo.

Obviously, these products are for a public with high purchasing power that is looking today in Argentina for hotels with all the comforts, nestled in dreamy landscapes, between mountains, lakes or vineyards.

For example, Entre Cielos Luxuring Lodges is a sophisticated boutique hotel in Mendoza hidden among vineyards. Today, a three-night stay in a double room with breakfast, complimentary wine, and access to a hamam circuit (steam baths at different temperatures) c costs $ 44,000 per person.

Meanwhile, a little further down the map, in Patagonia, the hotel Los Cauquenes of Usuhaia offers three nights of accommodation, with American breakfast, airport transfers and shuttle service to the city at a price of $ 38,973 per person in a double room .

These are very competitive rates, considering that they can be paid in installments and they are all adhered to the Previaje program.

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