Guaidó was satisfied by the popular consultation in Venezuela

"Our expectations regarding participation, presence, challenge, challenge, unification of the sectors, democratic exercise were exceeded," Guaidó stated in a press conference call.

According to the organizing committee, more out of six million Venezuelans participated in the consultation an amount similar to the 6.25 million (30.5% of the register) who, according to official data, attended to vote last Sunday in the parliamentary elections unknown to the opposition .

In the previous days, opposition spokespersons declared that they were sure that the participation in the consultation would be comfortably higher than that registered in the parliamentary elections.

Guaidó said that the consultation resulted in "a massive response of hope for the fight to achieve democracy in the country" and remarked that "the results only reiterate the commitment that the legitimate government has with Venezuelans" according to the agency of news Europa Press.

However, until this afternoon the organizing committee had not disclosed the results of the answers to the three questions posed to citizens in the consultation, which was held between Monday and Friday last through a telephone application, and yesterday in person, at street stalls in Venezuela and other countries.

Three questions were included to answer yes or no. The first inquired whether they agreed with "the cessation of the usurpation" of the government by President Nicolás Maduro and the holding of "free, fair and verifiable" presidential and parliamentary elections.

The other two questioned the " rejection "and" ignorance "of the legislation held last Sunday and the endorsement of efforts before the international community to" rescue our democracy, address the humanitarian crisis and protect the people from crimes against humanity ".

The The consultation was organized in order to obtain political support for the idea of ​​maintaining the current composition of the AN and the interim government designated by it and headed by Guaidó beyond next January 5, the date on which the elected legislators must assume the last Sunday, with a comfortable Chavista majority.

Despite this initiative, on January 5 the current deputies will lose their parliamentary immunity and access to infrastructure. ra of the AN, so that the alleged continuity will have no legal or factual basis within Venezuela.

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