the macrismo presented a project to expand the Micaela Law

In this sense, the JxC bloc remarked that "Alejo, as a man, was ashamed to report her and when he tried to do so they did not take the complaint", as it transpired after the murder of Oroño, who had an 18-year-old daughter months with the perpetrator of the crime.

"An issue that is clearly a social taboo and a phenomenon different from that of gender violence and must be legislated as such, because its nature, causes and consequences would be different, as well as the spaces and forms in which it manifests" notes the project.

The initiative that was presented by legislators Gisella Scaglia, Gabriela Lena, Alicia Terada, Estela Regidor, Lidia Ascarate, Sebastián García De Luca, Marcelo Orrego, Domingo Amaya, Francisco Sánchez, Juan Aicega, Gustavo Hein, David Schlereth, Hernán Berisso, Gerardo Cipolini, and Eduardo Cáceres (author of the project), reaching the maximum number of signatures foreseen by regulation.

Starting from the stereotype of the male as the stronger sex, and only for that reason, they are already seen as the perpetuators of violence and never like the victims, when, in Argentina, 81% of suicides are of men, surpassing homicides in statistics, which makes it a Public Health problem.

Alejo Oroño was 22 years old and the father of an 18-month-old baby, but last Friday he was stabbed by the mother of his son in Hurlingham (province of Buenos Aires). Her case caused a stir, and a shocking video of the moment the attack occurred was released.

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