ANMAT prohibited the marketing of two brands of honey and a drink

Through Provision 8726/2020 establishes the prohibition of "the commercialization throughout the national territory and on the online and digital sales platforms of the product: " Vegan Miel ", Ocho Vientos brand, Vegan Food, 100% vegan Product, Made in an Argentinean house, for lacking establishment and product authorization and for being called “honey” without being so, turning out to be a falsely labeled product and consequently illegal ”. [19659002] Meanwhile, through Provision 8728/2020 the Government establishes the prohibition of "the commercialization of the product throughout the national territory: " Miel de Abejas, El Chaja brand, Sólida, RNE N ° 22000157, RNPA N ° 22000508, Export Product ”, in accordance with the label that as ANNEX I and under the registration IF-2020-71009222-APN-DLEIAER # ANMAT forms an integral part of this provision, due to the lack of establishment records and product and being falsely labeled for displaying on the label a non-existent RNE and RNPA number, resulting in consequence to be an illegal product. ”

Finally, Provision 8732/2020 established the prohibition of“ the marketing of the products throughout the national territory: "Fermented drink with low alcoholic content based on sugar - Fermented Probiotic Drink - Mr. Kefir brand" various flavors, for lacking authorization from establishment and product, thus proving to be illegal. ”

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