David Prowse, the Darth Vader from Star Wars, has died

Thomas Bowington, the actor's representative, announced "with great sadness" the death of Prowse in a message posted on his Facebook page, stating that he died "yesterday morning", without specifying details. "May he be with you, always" he added.

Prowse, who before entering the world of cinema had acted as a weightlifter in the English city of Bristol, He was also awarded an MBE (Member of the British Empire) for his role in the Green Cross Code Man, a program promoting road safety on the roads of this country.

He was awarded the role in "Star Wars " mainly because of his imposing stature, he was almost two meters tall. But due to his strong British accent from the West Country, South West England, deemed unsuitable for the role, his character's voice was voiced by James Earl Jones, who with his deep voice became the legend of the hit film series. [19659002] Before starting his film career, Prowse came to represent England in weightlifting at the Commonwwealth Games in the early 1960s.

And before the role of actor, who developed over five decades, his services were sought after within Hollywood circles, where he helped the late Christopher Reeve prepare for the physical demands of the role of Superman, as his personal trainer.

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