We are going to work so that it does not happen again

In this sense, Fernández also referred to those who benefited from the vaccination, a series of figures among which are the journalist Horacio Verbitsky, the Peronist leader Eduardo Valdés and the senator Jorge Taiana, and affirmed that it is a fact that "cannot stand up" but condemned the "public derision" that was mounted around them.

On the other hand, the president highlighted the national vaccination plan: "In Argentina more than 700 thousand people have received doses of the vaccine. More than 400 thousand people have already received the two doses and have been immunized. The vaccination rate begins to accelerate with the arrival of more vaccines to the country ".

" It is the purpose of the national government to ensure that the acquired vaccines arrive in time and form as soon as possible to supply them to each inhabitant of this country. They were, are and will be there all of our efforts "concluded Fernández. 3A% 3A % 2F% 2Falferdez% 2Fstatus% 2F1363597025527349248

Last Friday, Verbitsky revealed in a radio interview that he had managed to apply the Sputnik V vaccine thanks to his friendship with González García. After his statements, more names of people benefited from a similar action of the Ministry of Health began to leak.

Such events led to a public scandal that culminated in the expulsion of the minister, one of the most trusted by the president, and the assumption of office of the former secretary of Access to Health, Carla Vizzotti.

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