Senate votes whitewash to push construction, endorses the Fiscal Consensus and renews its authorities

Missionary K Maurice Closs and macrista legislator Laura Rodríguez Machado (Córdoba) would also continue in their positions, as first and second vice presidents of the upper house, respectively. The same case would go to administrative and parliamentary secretariats.

Lever Law

The Frente de Todos has a special interest in advancing rapidly with the law to reactivate private construction, as well as extensions and installations, among other variants. It also includes works that have a degree of progress of less than 50% of their completion.

In addition, the initiative will serve as a lever for abandoned social housing, a situation not contemplated in the original project sent by the Executive and that the opposition he managed to incorporate in the lower house.

The bill speaks of exemptions on Personal Assets, Transfer of Property, and so on. Those who enter into money laundering must pay a special tax of 5% of what is declared if said act is carried out within 60 days of the entry into force of the law.

If those days are exceeded, there will be a period of one extra month, but the payment will be 10%. If this wait is doubled, the surcharge will reach 20% of the total declared. The figure in question may not be taken as payment on account of Profits.

Ciencia y ARA San Juan

The upper house will also sanction an initiative that establishes that the area of ​​Science and Technology passes from financing of practically 0, 28% of the current Gross Domestic Product to 1% of GDP in 11 years.

Another project that will have the green light, and with broad support, is the one that grants, for the only time, an extraordinary benefit to the families of the crew of the ARA San Juan, "importing the waiver of all right for compensation for damages and excluding any other benefit or compensation for the same concept." In Deputies, the opposition criticized the State's neglect of the Once railway tragedy.

The project in question was signed in December 2020 by Alberto Fernández and the majority of the governors -officialists and opponents-, and allows raising local taxes during the election year and earn at least $ 70 billion extra. It would pass to Deputies.


Diplomatic documents also appear on the agenda, which received nods from the Senate Agreement Committee, led by camper Anabel Fernández Sagasti. The proposals are those of the ambassadors in China, Sabino Vaca Narvaja; Cuba, Luis Ilarregui; and Bolivia, Ariel Basteiro, respectively.

Deputies define Profits

The Chamber presided over by Sergio Massa will try, in the next few hours, to define the agenda to push the project presented by the Tigrense to raise the Profit floor, equivalent in $ 150,000 for workers in a dependency relationship, and eight minimum pension assets in the case of retirees.

The opposition has already made proposals to make changes regarding the "forgotten" self-employed and the updating method. The official unionism also asks for adjustments.

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