prepare a special plan for the holidays and to reactivate the nightlife

Although he clarified that the measures are under analysis, the governor said that in the case of the holidays there could be some restrictions in the previous days in an attempt to reduce the possibility of new infections during family gatherings.

On the side of night activities, for the moment meetings in bars and open spaces are enabled with limitations, but not in clubs. Kicillof anticipated that they are evaluating the situation to try some kind of reactivation but insisted that these are places of great risk for contagion.

Likewise, the governor announced that in the next few days the application will be ready for tourists to request authorization to go to summer resorts.

When announcing the new phase of distancing in the province of Buenos Aires which begins next Monday, the president also said that to "those close contacts of positive cases that do not have symptoms between the 5th and 7th, we are going to ask them to get swabbed" because "we want cut chain of contagion ".

Coronavirus in Buenos Aires

Kicillof stressed that the epidemiological situation in the province of Buenos Aires in the face of the coronavirus pandemic" is very complex "and remarked that" a systematic, permanent decline is still being observed , but slow "in the number of cases.

" The situation is very complex, it continues and we cannot be distracted. We continue to observe a systematic, permanent, but slow decline. This allows us to make a difference. between the Greater Buenos Aires region and the interior, "said the provincial leader.

From the Buenos Aires Government House, in the city of La Plata, the leader of the Frente de Todos indicated that the situation" is heterogeneous "due to the difference between the 135 municipalities, although he pointed out that it allows giving "relatively good news."

"There was never a lack of a bed, a doctor or supplies. This was the result of the early quarantine, the care measures ", Kicillof highlighted.

And he insisted:" Why are the cases falling and the health system was not saturated? Because of the decisions made by the governments and, above all, because of individual and collective decisions regarding care ".

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