Procreate: in the first cut there were more than 160,000 registered

The Refurbishment line has three credit options: $ 100,000, $ 250,000 and $ 500,000. Each one of them will have its own drawing instance according to the choice of the applicants.

According to the portfolio led by María Eugenia Bielsa this line points to " improve housing conditions of the houses such as insulation, finishing of wet cores, floors, carpentry, painting, and gas, sanitary or electrical installations ".

Meanwhile, the Microcredits line offers an amount of $ 50,000 for the purchase of materials, with the objective to enable small-scale works.

"In the next few days the date of the raffle will be announced that will give 40,000 families the possibility to access credits for home renovation," said a statement issued from the ministry.

In addition, Social Development and Habitat clarified that registrations "will remain open for those who wish to register on the current lines" and the people who register "will be included s in the next draw instances ", once the data is validated.

" All those who have registered before the cut-off date for the Repair and Microcredits lines will participate in the draw. Those who are not drawn will be able to re-enroll in these or other lines of the program, "they added.

43.9% of the registrations were associated with residents of the Province of Buenos Aires . Santa Fe, which accounted for 10.5% of the total, and Córdoba, which accounted for 9.8% of applications.

According to official sources, 14,000 homes will be built with Procrear, 273,000 will be granted. loans for renovation and expansion, and 10,000 new lots with services throughout the country will be awarded. Loans will be delivered at a subsidized rate of 24%.

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