the Buenos Aires Government confirmed presence in all municipalities

In this regard, Vila indicated that "progressively shifts will be assigned on a massive scale" for the rest of the Buenos Aires education workers.

"Presence is a desire of the Government, families, unions and of the community as a whole, accepting the characteristics that reality imposes on us, "he highlighted and valued" the great support "of the teaching unions in the face of the health situation.

" Tomorrow the primary school children will return to face-to-face and from 1st to 5th year who had discontinuous or ongoing trajectories. This instance is scheduled until March 30 for them and for students of 6th grade of secondary school it will be extended until March 30 April ", said the president.

To finish this stage, she explained, the student must pass an evaluation that will define" who will continue their usual course and who will be accompanied throughout the year, with personalized reinforcement ".

The return to the establishments will be within the framework of a "careful and safe presence, complying with mandatory guidelines such as use of face masks, classes of no more than 90 minutes, windows and doors open as long as possible avoid crowds in spaces of Frequent meeting, cleaning and disinfection and social distance within the classroom of 1.5 meters between students and 2 meters with the teacher. "

As part of the protocol that will be carried out, there is a system that will combine days within the classrooms and others remotely, in order to avoid the concentration of people in a system that includes 16 thousand elementary, primary and secondary schools of state and private management, with an enrollment of 4.2 million students. [19659002] "The alternation model that we adopt is not the rule. The rule is the greatest possible careful presence in the classroom. Those schools that have a reduced enrollment of students have large classrooms and alternative spaces such as libraries, laboratories or SUM, will have face-to-face classes from Monday to Friday 4 hours a day every week ", he specified.

" During the presence, content will be worked on, instructions will be formulated and provided, and at home the students will have the possibility of asking questions or requesting additional explanations in synchronous or asynchronous models ", he detailed.

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