Mayor Valenzuela's tour of the Atlantic Coast

Valenzuela landed in the two municipalities governed by mayors of Juntos por el Cambios: Martín Yeza and Guillermo Montenegro . Also participating in the meeting were the provincial deputy María Alejandra Lorden and Maximiliano Abad president of the JxC bloc in the provincial Chamber of Deputies.

"These meetings allow us to share ideas and views on the present, from similar roles, but with the responsibility of managing cities that have different realities and needs" Valenzuela pointed out. "We talked about issues of management, budget, works in our cities and the municipal autonomy that the communes need so much to transform the lives of our neighbors" he added.

Valenzuela toured the new Pinamar waterfront , a comprehensive renovation carried out by the municipality in the spas, with a more sustainable approach. “Martín is a young and innovative mayor with whom we have been working for a long time. Pinamar is preparing to receive tourists and live with the virus. They did a great job ”said the mayor of Tres De Febrero.

The mayor of Pinamare said on Twitter that Valenzuela is a " great friend and mayor " and recalled that" we have known each other for years and I admire their work a lot. ”

In Mar del Plata, Valenzuela began his activity together with the brothers Martín and Germán Cabrales who run a company with more than 400 employees that is a benchmark for coffee in the Argentina. Then he toured the Contessi shipyard with Alejandra, who told him the story of his father Federico (now 88 years old) who brought all his experience in fishing boats from Europe . “They are two great examples to think about the agenda of the creation of genuine work; how to strengthen the industry in the suburbs and in the interior of our province "commented Valenzuela." With Astilleros Contessi we are united by the metallurgical industry: in Tres de Febrero, dedicated largely to the industry automotive, and in Mar del Plata to the naval ", he added.

Finally, the mayor of Tres de Febrero shared a talk with his counterpart Guillermo Montenegro Lorden and Abad in the emblematic Torreón del Monje. "Mar del Plata is receiving tourists who bring work and Guillermo is leading this great city with great responsibility in difficult moments to take care of health and the local economy" explained Valenzuela.

"It was a weekend with an intense but very interesting agenda. I take great ideas and experiences from the communal chiefs and also from the deputies with whom we have great coincidences from a strong joint work between the Pro and the radicalism ", expressed Valenzuela, and concluded: " A better province for Buenos Aires will builds with agreements and consensus in each town, in each city and in each municipality ”.

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