Budget: how much will the dollar be in 2021, 2022 and 2023

At the same time, by the end of 2022 a dollar is estimated at $ 124.80 and by 2023 the greenback would reach $ 146.60 according to the numbers presented in the Budget. The ruling party intends to contract the rate of devaluation over time, in line with a slowdown in price increases, in order to maintain a competitive real exchange rate.


The consulting firms and financial entities that participated in the last Market Expectations Survey (REM) of the Central Bank (BCRA), estimated a dollar at $ 84.3 by the end of 2020. Meanwhile, projections for December 2021 showed a value of $ 122 per dollar, a figure well above the the one the Government hopes to achieve.

The economic team led by Martín Guzmán is constantly alarmed by the fact that in recent months the monetary authority lost a significant amount of reserves to support the value of the official exchange rate. So far in September, the BCRA has disbursed close to US $ 900 million.

In that sense, on this day, AFIP reported that it will add a 35% tax on the purchase of "savings dollar", being able to deduct that amount Income tax payments.

Additionally, the Central formally maintained the quota of u $ s200 but decided that consumption made with a credit card abroad will be deducted from that quota and will also be covered by the tax. 35%.

In presenting the Budget, the Government emphasized that one of its main objectives is to "promote economic recovery with an expansive fiscal policy scheme and a State that plays a fundamental role in protecting the most vulnerable sectors. , stimulate the domestic market and promote growth in production and exports ".

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