Macrismo judges sign aggravating resolution without evidence against López and De Sousa

The work in question is the optimization of an aqueduct that crosses the provinces of Chubut and Santa Cruz, awarded in 2013. But as soon as the macrismo arrived, it acted to persecute and harass shareholders who did not agree to extortion . For this reason, the AFIP, the AFI, judges and the media fell on López and De Sousa.

Regarding the cause of the aqueduct, the official expertise incorporated in file 15384/2017 rejected the complaint for overpricing and ruled out the accusation of the former head of the Anticorruption Office Laura Alonso. With this false complaint, the contract with the CPC company was immediately terminated by the government of Mauricio Macri. Public Works, at that time it was in charge of Rogelio Frigerio. All armed. A false complaint, a “receptive” judge and the termination of the contract.

The same people who pushed the operation against Grupo Indalo were in charge of covering up the result of the expertise requested by Claudio Bonadio. At that time, the late judge asked the experts "to verify whether the prices budgeted and subsequently paid to the CPC company for materials and construction work were within the prices established at the time by the market."

Ruling of the date, the judges recalled “that the proceedings began on October 10, 2017 by means of the complaint made by the Anti-Corruption Office, after having received a report made by the internal audit of ENOHSA - National Water Works and Sanitation-. Said report (No. 2/13) analyzed file No. 505/2012 of the body, through which it was tendered. ”

The court, in the resolves, partially confirms the prosecution of Lucio Tamburo, modifying the classification to that of negotiations incompatible with the exercise of public functions. And also confirm partial processing of Sergio Benet, Ricardo Williams, Gabriela Tamame, Gustavo Dalla Tea and Luis Cenoz.

In relation to Cristóbal López and Fabián De Sousa, the ruling states: “partially confirm the prosecutions”, changing the qualification to “negotiations incompatible with the exercise of public functions, as necessary participants”. The resolution highlights that the “lack of merit to prosecute them in order to the other ends of the imputation” was ordered.

With the signatures of Leopoldo Bruglia, Pablo Bertuzzi, Mariano Llorens and Aníbal Pozzi (prosecutor of the Chamber) is revoked “the preventive detention 'ficta'.”

In this case, the suspicious handling of the shareholders of the Indalo Group becomes darker since at no time were López and De Sousa summoned to testify for the crime against them. imputed and that processing is confirmed.

If the defense questioned the "arbitrary assessment of the evidence, based on mere evidence, which led to an unfounded resolution."

And they made it known that the person who was injured was CPC SA due to the early and unilateral termination of the signed public works contract. Proof of the modus operandi of lawfare.

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