How to choose the ideal running group

The most important thing without any doubt is the professional who is leading the running team . The physical trainer will be the one who will plan our training, the loads and on whom our evolution in the discipline will depend and, above all, our physical well-being .

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The location of the base is important.


Luckily for runners, most coaches nowadays have social networks or sites. Their studies can be consulted there and they can be contacted to answer any questions. It is also highly recommended to go to the base, where the training sessions take place, to have a hand-in-hand talk.

Another key point to take into account is the location . Walking to the training site is not the same as having to travel for an hour once the workday is over, a situation that can erode our desire to attend to the point of completely taking away the will to run.

For beginners , the most advisable thing is that they look for a place near their domicile. This situation will benefit the fact of attending a practice although the desire is conspicuous by its absence, stimulating to create the habit.

Price of Running Teams

Of course the pocket is another fundamental variable . The reality is that in the market there is a great variation in prices, there are even some running teams that are free, but most of them handle a range of around $ 1,200 and $ 1,800 .

hand from the previous point, in some cases, come the objectives and expectations. Many runners are more interested in the social side and others in the sports side, while for some it is a question of improving their habits and their health . It is also important to identify if we want to run on the street, in the mountains, on the track, or if we are more interested in participating in short, fast or long-distance competitions, such as a marathon.


The objectives must be taken into account


The last variant is the times of each one and the time availability . Establishing them previously will serve to be able to segment the different options and select the most suitable one for us.

The parameters mentioned above are used to put together a map in the head, although the most advisable thing is to take a pen and graph it on paper. It is important to establish priorities and define which of the mentioned variables are most important to one, and build from that premise.

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