the author of the sculpture of Playa Chica is a surgeon

"It is a unique contribution", stated the artist during a press conference held this Saturday by the local Ministry of Culture.

Mar del Plata Sculpture 2.jpg

Courtesy La Capital de Mar del Plata newspaper

And he added: "It is an artistic expression, like so many others. Perhaps someone else can think more about the sculpture and not about the place where it is located. That statue, in San Martín and San Luis, I would not say anything, but in that place it generates many emotions. And that is the important thing. "

The work was carried out by the doctor, who is a resident of the city, 25 years ago: "It is a piece of cement with an iron structure that had a significance at the time. Now it is resignified, no longer as a sculptural piece, but also as part of a scene. Now it is the statue and its surroundings, for let each one make the interpretation they want of that work. "

During the conference, Ma Grini commented: "The reaction of the people totally surpassed me. I thought I would hear three, four, ten or twenty comments and see what would happen: if they took it out or broke it, it was a violation of municipal regulations. But people decided that the sculpture would stay and kept imagining things. For this reason, I think that the mystery is important, so that each one continues to imagine whatever they want. "

The conference was held in the gardens of Villa Victoria and together with Magrini the Secretary of Culture, Carlos Balmaceda, and the director of Restoration of Historical Monuments, Costanza Addiechi.

"We chose Villa Victoria for this meeting because it has a tradition and a very important symbolic charge, linked to artistic and cultural experiences," said Balmaceda.

And he added : "And what we are going to continue doing now is to continue contextualizing an artistic adventure that has become an extraordinary experience in many ways. And it seemed important to us as a municipality, to meet the author of that experience ".

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