Perotti seeks to rearm the PJ before a division in the Senate after a legislator slamming the door with a request for violation

This is a necessary step for them to be charged. In fact, yesterday Edery indicated that he believes that the senator for the department of San Lorenzo is "one of the organizers of a clandestine gambling network" in the province. For the prosecutor who is following the cause for which his former members Patricio Serjal and Gustavo Ponce Asahad are detained, and suspected businessman Leonardo Peiti, "each one has a defined role" in the clandestine gambling network.

"The collection of evidence is overwhelming. We are not going to commit the irresponsibility of making such a move without having sufficient evidence, "added the prosecutor, who also calculated the figure that mobilizes illegal gambling at $ 2,000 million a month.


Although the Senate should have been a support for Perotti's management, before his inauguration he validated the 2020 Budget prepared by the Progressive Front, despite the requests of the then-elected governor. And, less than a month ago, the provincial upper house surprised by enacting two laws with which they sought to hit the Minister of Security Saín: one that puts the magnifying glass on funds reserved for special operations and another on incompatibility of positions , who shot one of Perotti's key officials directly

Central facts to understand why the Executive believes that although there are now three blocks, in reality the situation is not so different from the reality of weeks ago. And, also, to understand why Traferri pointed to Saín as the person responsible for the fact that the magnifying glass of Justice is now resting on his head. The senator announced that he would not abandon his jurisdiction and said that if he did not have that immunity, he would be the victim of a "folder" carried out by "an intelligence chief like Sain."

In the PJ Santa Fe they believe that the events that hit today to politics and the ruling party, in the medium term they could strengthen Perotti. In the vicinity of the governor, they always saw the senators as a power establishment with no organic ties to the party, and they believe that the investigation could help remove strongly entrenched structures. Other Peronist leaders endorse the thesis, "as long as it goes thoroughly." “The acts of corruption have to be investigated, it cannot be left in the middle. It is a great possibility that the governor now has ”, they added.

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