A federal agenda that takes housing as a right and a productive process is urgent

“We are working on forceful programs that generate this virtuous process of consumption and work, from different aspects, so that they have continuity over time” he added before more than 300 leaders from all over the country with whom, during More than two hours, an extensive exchange was provided that included proposals and questions.

In addition, it denounced that "since 2015 the macrismo abandoned 55 thousand homes, so we have to be clear about the challenge that lies ahead, the need for a reconstruction that changes the history of housing in the country" .

In that sense, he expressed: "I have no doubts that the President summoned me based on the local work we did. And I did not doubt for a second about this responsibility. We have high expectations of doing the same as we did in Avellaneda, housing and public works are key axes to put Argentina on its feet ", he added.

In addition to Montero himself, Perspectiva Sur is a group made up of leaders linked to Alberto Fernández such as the Secretary of Worship, Guillermo Oliveri, the a government house official, Susana Nasuti, the former national deputy, Eduardo Di Cola; the director of Scholas Occurrentes, Enrique Palmeyro, linked to Pope Francis, forming part of the aforementioned group.

The movement was formed in June 2014. But it gained relevance from the now traditional "Monday talks" that have been organized since the beginning of the pandemic, consisting of weekly meetings with guests closely linked to current social and Argentine politics. Ministers, senators, mayors, deputies and leaders of union movements, businessmen

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