9 out of 10 porteños say they are afraid to walk down the street

The figures are derived from the IX Index of Quality of Life of the People in Movement Observatory, which is its most recent investigation revealed that “44% of the porteños are more afraid to go out on the street than the period prior to the pandemic, while 43% say they have the same fear as before. This gives that 87% of the inhabitants of the City are afraid to go out due to insecurity. That is, 9 out of 10 porteños ".

" The Observatory generated these data to make up for the lack of public statistics on insecurity in the City of 2020. One way of approaching the current situation was to inquire to what extent residents of the City are more, equal or less afraid of going out in the street compared to the period prior to the pandemic, ”explained the coordinator of this study center, the journalist and national deputy Gisela Marziotta.


Congresswoman Gisela Marziotta coordinates the People on the Move Observatory.

The report also indicates that “on the other hand, there seems to be a gender cleavage in the phenomenon of current insecurity. Among women, this fear increased even more, reaching 52% of female citizens, while it reaches 34% among men. ”

"Insecurity has been climbing among the priorities of Buenos Aires, according to this ninth installment of the Report on Quality of Life during the Covid-19 Crisis in CABA" revealed Marziotta.

Since September, insecurity is considered the main priority of the porteños and, despite having the same number of infections as in the peak of August, this issue is tied with health, both as a priority for 23% of the citizens of CABA.

“The own indicators show that 57% of the porteños consider that the insecurity worsened in the last 3 months. This deterioration is not uniform in the City. In the southern communes (4,8 and 9) the situation seems to get even worse. While in the City as a whole, 57% consider that insecurity worsened, in the southern zone that figure rises to 60% ”explained Marziotta.

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