Teachers asked Kicillof plus for pandemic and raise wages

The advance was carried out within the framework of a virtual meeting of the Salary Technical Table deployed on Wednesday, which was attended by officials from the Ministries of Economy and Labor and the General Directorate of Culture and Education of Buenos Aires. [19659002] "At the meeting we highlighted the need for financial recognition of all teachers for the effort responsibility and commitment during this pandemic, since they did not hesitate at any time to support education," they argued from the coalition, made up of Suteba, Feb, Sadop, Udocba and Amet.

"With or without technological tools, the pedagogical continuity reached all the students," they stressed.

In this line, they also requested the collection of a "recognition for technological resources and connectivity" and access to connectivity at no cost in the use of data (an issue that, they affirm, has already been "agreed and in some cases not fulfilled"). [19659002] "It would be very important that the authorities recognize all the sacrifice that teachers are making from their homes, putting their chest and shoulders in the face of this situation," emphasized after the meeting the Feb general secretary, Mirta Petrocini, via Twitter.

At the meeting the teachers also demanded a salary increase, an increase in the basic (with the incorporation of fixed sums that make up the salary) and a rise in the amount of family allowances, which are below today, they affirm. of the level they have at the national level.

"First we are going to monitor how the result was between the increase already granted and inflation, and then analyze the second semester," the head of Suteba, Roberto Baradel, had pointed out before the meeting. .

Against this background, the FUDB unanimously requested a new call "shortly, in response to the commitment made by all teachers in the province in this situation that is foreign to all two. ”

According to union sources, at the technical table, Buenos Aires officials drew up a report on the delicate economic and inflationary situation that the Province is going through and emphasized that the scenario worsened with the impact of the pandemic on local income. [19659002] At the end of February, the Government of Kicillof agreed with the educational unions a rise in sections, to bring the pocket increase to 8.9% in March and reach 16.66% in June for the teacher of initial grade. It also promised to reopen the parity in June. The pandemic, at that time, was not yet a strict agenda item.

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