Maduro's son gave himself the first dose of the Russian Sputnik V vaccine

State television broadcast images of the moment in which the dose was applied to Maduro Guerra, stating that "Russia has shown that it is a stronghold of medicine in the world."

"We join that stronghold, and giving The example as youth and with the responsibility that I have, I wanted to tell the world that Venezuela and the Venezuelan youth trust Russia, its medicine and its science, " expressed Maduro Guerra.

And he added that the "institute that developed Sputnik V is of high world prestige". He also stated that "the vaccine generates high levels of antibodies, it has an efficacy of 95%".

"The vaccine after this successful clinical trial that we will have will be applied to the people of Venezuela" he commented.

In addition, he took the opportunity to question that "while some countries seek to harm, apply sanctions, harm other countries, Russia is busy curing humanity from this pandemic, from diseases, and transmitting its wisdom to the world."

According to state television, Maduro Guerra and the other volunteers participating in the Russian vaccine trial will have to apply the second dose in about 20 days, and will be monitored up to six months later by local doctors who are in direct contact with the developers. of Sputnik V.

The Venezuelan president announced that by April 2021 he expects to start the mass vaccination scheme "free" for the entire population.

Covid.19 has stopped since March, when the first cases were detected, 106,715 infections and 944 deaths, according to official figures.

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