Larreta, friend, prepares for key week of pandemic due to politics and contagions

The definition assumed by the head of the Buenos Aires Government regarding the continuity of the quarantine in the City of Buenos Aires, should not pass the filter of that table, but a decision agreed with the national government and the Buenos Aires government could again shake friendly fire.

However, as of Monday the perhaps most complicated week of the fight against the pandemic begins in the Metropolitan Area of ​​Buenos Aires (AMBA), the reddest area of ​​the country on the map of the infected and deceased by covid-19. It will be the last stretch of the present stage of Phase 1 with variants and the one that will measure with contagion count the result of this last isolation, but also, it puts any decision at risk. If the cases dropped and the flexibility that the City Government is planning was allowed, with the massive opening of retail stores with attention to the public, which would force even a tougher control than the current one to monitor the use of public transport to buffer an easy route of infection, there is a risk that again, in two weeks, you can go back. If the numbers of the epidemic, on the other hand, are not favorable, the alternatives are closed, but the risk of a disobedience of the norms of prevention, including isolation, may increase.

Thus, the "friend" of the President prepares for hours complicated, in the strategy against the coronavirus epidemic and inside the PRO. Meanwhile, an attempt is made to ensure that there would be no different strategies in the City and the province of Buenos Aires, which maintain tension in the management of health policy.

Yesterday, Larreta launched a wish that perhaps he wants to be fulfilled in the next few hours: "In that I trust and I am sure that our homeland will enlighten us in this fight that we are giving."

Larreta led the Buenos Aires event on July 9 in Plaza de Mayo. He was the only speaker at the brief presentation and with minimal attendance. He presided over the raising of the national flag and after finishing thanked the "commitment" to the personnel of the health system, security forces and the team of the City Government and "the collaboration" of the Army "in the provision of food and many tasks " "And we especially thank the porteños and porteñas who are accompanying us in this situation that we know is distressing, it is difficult, but we are all putting the best of each of us to get ahead," added the head of government.

Larreta was accompanied by his wife, Bárbara Diez; the Deputy Head of Government, Diego Santilli, and his wife, Analía Maiorana; the Secretary General and International Relations, Fernando Straface; and the Minister of Health, Fernán Quirós.

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