It smells bad to me. For Estela de Carlotto, the way Verbitsky revealed his vaccination is strange

"It is strange that he has made it public in great detail, almost like a political event of obstruction, it draws my attention ," he said in dialogue with Radio 10.

"He made it public in a scandalous way, so explicit. It smells bad to me ”he added and asked to“ investigate these attitudes ”. "These maneuvers must be analyzed why they are being carried out and who does it" he pointed out.

Estela de Carlotto said that she "appreciates" the outgoing minister but admitted that the decision of the president Alberto Fernández to request his resignation "is correct", because the way in which the vaccination was carried out at the headquarters of the Ministry of Health "was unconsulted" and done in a manner "cheating ".

On the other hand, he commented that" they vaccinated me, they called me from the province of Buenos Aires and I am 90 years old.

"I went to the San Juan de Dios hospital in La Plata and did The tail. In a few days they will give me the second dose, "he said.

Verbitsky ignited the controversy by revealing that he agreed to the Sputnik V vaccine after an administration before Ginés González García.

" I decided to get vaccinated. I started to find out. Where to do it, I called my old friend Ginés González García, whom I have known long before he was a minister, and he told me that I had to go to the Posadas Hospital, "he said.

The head of the Cels explained that when he was going to the center The health care provider received a direct message from González García's secretary: "He told me that a team of vaccinators from Posadas was going to go to the Ministry and go give me the vaccine" .

According to the journalist, from 79 years old, he was immunized with Sputnik V without presenting adverse reactions and he planned to apply the second dose on March 12.

After the journalist's revelation, President Alberto Fernández asked the Minister of Health to resign. [19659011]
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