How much does it trade this Monday, December 14

In this way, the gap with the official wholesale dollar reaches 83.1% well below the ceiling of almost 150% that was observed in mid-October.

Side note rebounded $ 2 on Friday after falling $ 4 in the previous two days to $ 146, the lowest since mid-September .

It should be remembered that blue had risen sharply in the second week of November to a maximum of $ 172, due to the reappearance of demand. However, from that moment it began to decline uninterruptedly until last Friday.

Among the factors that contributed to this bearish scenario for blue, analysts and operators point to the official intervention in the financial dollar markets the bond bids launched by the Ministry of the Economy (where the demand for the dollar linked bond tied to the evolution of the official price was highlighted), and fiscal and monetary signals, such as adjustment in the Transitory Advances from the Central Bank to the Treasury, at least until December.

The combination of measures and the greater power granted by President Alberto Fernández to Minister Martín Guzmán it managed to defuse, at least for the moment, the exchange rate and financial tension.

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