Concern about Covid-19 returns in the AMBA and they ask for extreme care

"We do not want to lose what we have gained, especially when we hope for the vaccine so close" said the Minister of Health Ginés González García along with his Buenos Aires counterparts, Daniel Gollán and porteño, Fernán Quirós .

"It is understandable that there are reasons to get together and meet, but we believe that the conduct has become more flexible and in some cases it has stopped comply with what we ask, "continued the head of the Health portfolio when giving a conference at Casa Rosada.

Previously, the Chief of Staff, Santiago Cafiero, led a tripartite meeting with the Buenos Aires and Buenos Aires administrations to assess the coronavirus situation in the Buenos Aires Metropolitan Area (AMBA). The meeting that took place in the office of the chief of ministers also participated the chiefs of the City Cabinet, Felipe Miguel and the province of Buenos Aires, Carlos Bianco together with the health ministers of the three districts.

There were no announcements of specific measures against the pandemic, but an attempt was made to give a unified alert message about health protocols since, as reported in Casa Rosada, "in the best of cases a plateau is crossed "of cases and" nothing indicates that it does not begin to grow. The measures will only arrive in a week, when on December 20 the current phase of Social, Preventive and Compulsory Distancing (DISPO) expires.

"The first months of the vaccine will serve to lower mortality, but not to stop the spread of the virus, "explained González García while his peers in Health agreed. For his part, Quirós assured that in the City in the "last 7 or 10 days the contagion curve stopped falling" and that "it is necessary to lower the floor of 300 cases" that are registered daily of Covid-19. [19659003] Meanwhile, Gollán stated that there will be "a series of protocols" and "monitoring" on the beaches of the Atlantic coast and warned that "if the situation gets out of hand, special measures will be taken" . "The photo we see is that the fall in cases is stagnant and the same happens with the beds, we are loose, but regarding how their occupation has been falling, the slowdown in the fall worries us," said the Buenos Aires Minister of Health. Another of the data that Axel Kicillof's management observes with concern are the calls for consultation to line 148, which, according to the minister, increased in recent weeks.

"We all see what happens in neighboring countries and in the rest of the world. We need to have very present that the pandemic did not end. We cannot relax. Let us continue taking care of ourselves "Cafiero published on his social networks after the meeting.

At this time, the Government discards a special protocol for the celebration of the Christmas holidays and New Year. However, they recall that the current DISPO phase expires on December 20 and that, if new measures are implemented, they will be announced within that framework.

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