an audience with thousands of participants that marks a historic rejection

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An image of the project for the Costanera Norte

Photo: Observatory of the Right to the City

A caravan of Cars that began in different parts of the city, a few weeks later another led by bicycles left the Planetarium, but both converged at the entrance of the Costa Salguero property, where cultural groups, urban spaces, environmentalists also demonstrated. , officials and actors of society in general.

"This is something historical. It is a before and after in citizen participation and it is the first time that an urban project generates this interest, this degree of repudiation" , celebrated the legislator Juan Manuel Valdés (FdT) in dialogue with Á

According to sources in the Buenos Aires Legislature, the audience that the project promoted by the Head of Government, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta brings together 7,044 people this Friday, a number that represents "the forcefulness" of "the voice of the People."

"We have to listen very deeply and carefully to what that comes from the citizenship and we believe that it is a before and after because it is clear and clear how little support Rodríguez Larreta has ", considered Valdés.

Laura Velasco from The same political cadre, which also highlighted "the level of historical rejection" that the motion has despite its progress and indicated that "the audience is record in participation".

"It is a very good first step, but there are to follow. Because we want a green and public park, which allows us to hold that window to the river so necessary for the care of the environment and health and for the enjoyment of all of us who live in this city; and not a barrier of luxury towers destined for real estate speculation ", Velasco pointed out, in statements to this medium.

While Juliana Fera president of the student center and director of Exact Sciences UBA, stressed that "the city of Buenos Aires is the second with the least green spaces, after Lima, Peru" and recalled that "a project to repudiate that sale" was presented to the board of directors.

"Until now they have been sold more than 400 hectares of the City that were public spaces, "he criticized in dialogue with FM La Patriada.

For his part, Alejandro Amor Ombudsman of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, also expressed against and stated: "I believe it is essential to define an environmental urban plan, with the participation of the UBA and all environmental organizations, to define if we want to face the river, using it and enjoying it, or on the contrary , of is paldas to him, building a definitive wall over the Río de la Plata ".

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