A chambermaid who opposed the judicial reform died of coronavirus

This is a chambermaid with a long career in the Judiciary and who as a Boca Juniors fan knew how to be a leader of the Argentine Football Association (AFA), specifically in the Referees Commission.

In the court environment he began in Comodoro Rivadavia, where he was a provincial judge of Chubut and became Procurator General of that province in 1985 and later served in the federal justice system, where he was a member of the National Chamber of Criminal Cassation.

González Palazzo, 74 years old, he was currently a judge of the Criminal and Correctional Chamber of the Federal Capital.

As it transpired, the judge had been hospitalized for a few days in a clinic in the Federal Capital for Covid-19 and finally could not overcome the disease.

Among his latest judicial decisions stands out the one agreed in which the judges of the Crime Chamber unanimously indicated the unconstitutionality of the judicial reform cial that the Government promotes in the federal jurisdiction.

The magistrates criticized the project that has the half sanction of the National Senate and assured that the system of substitute judges envisaged favors corruption and impunity and made an alternative proposal to the official initiative.

In addition to González Palazzo, the agreement bears the signature of the chambermaids Alberto Seijas, Mariano Scotto, Ignacio Rodríguez Varela, Juan Esteban Cicciaro, Rodolfo Pociello Argerich, Magdalena Laiño, Julio Marcelo Lucini, Mauro Antonio Divito, Ricardo Matías Pinto, Hernán Martín López and Pablo Guillermo Lucero.

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