A zoom of peace with the national government did not convince Larreta

The invitation was to resume a meeting that Horacio Rodríguez Larreta himself had already started with Wado de Pedro, Matías Kulfas and Martín Guzmán, 90 days ago, when the Buenos Aires chief took the Ministry of the Interior of the Nation a score of " needs ”in order to activate important ventures that for different reasons need an agreement with the national government. It was at the end of July as part of the meetings with governors from all over the country that the national government convened to analyze development policies for the post-pandemic.

The Buenos Aires chief accompanied the proposal to "promote construction" and reactivate the economic activity in its geography with a projection of the jobs it would generate and the increase in revenue important figures in the eyes of a pandemic economy that was beginning to show its coldest consequences.

projects that require the coordination or assistance of the Nation, as the case may be, or the cession of lands that are within the City of Buenos Aires, but that belong to the Nation or are being used by the national Government.

That folder was dusted off on Friday via zoom when they “found”, among others, Silvina Batakis, Secretary of the Provinces; the Buenos Aires Minister of Finance Martín Mura; and his partner in Economic Development and Production, José Luis Giusti. Members of the team from the Undersecretariat for Regional Development of the Nation and the director of Productive Development, Natalia Cogliano, also participated.

Larreta, after the start of the bid for funds for the Police, had already told all his Cabinet that "no agenda meeting is suspended", to point out that the fight did not have to stop meetings scheduled for the management of the pandemic or any other issue in progress.

For the City, the zoom of peace resulted in one more meeting that, ultimately, did not agree on anything in particular, but pointed out as “a gesture” of good will “and dialogue”. At the same time, the setting could have to do with that message from Alberto Fernández to Larreta, when he communicated five minutes before announcing that he would sign a decree to reduce the co-participation funds to the City by 1.18%.

“Stay calm that we are going to solve these problems in another way, "the President told the head of government at the time. The phrase was understood in the surroundings of Larreta as the possibility of a green light for the works plan in question.

That agenda, which was resumed (still without progress) on Friday, includes among other points the creation of a "Trust with public lands - valued at US $ 1,500 MM - to encourage construction activity". Also several important road works that are considered "fundamental" for the development of Demarchi Island where a 12 km stretch to be developed in the City requires an estimated investment of US $ 240 MM.

Another point of The interest of the City is that of "real estate development for the generation of employment on the basis of land of the City and the Nation", wants to provide "constructivity" to lots in the north of Buenos Aires of important value. They assure that there are currently 7 million square meters with permission granted, but that they have not started activities. Buenos Aires officials also pointed out the need to sustain trade and give impetus to the gastronomy sector and, among other interests, "the development of a Free Zone in the City" for the provision of services, an idea that requires a law of the Congress so the City could not unilaterally resolve it. It would be the first Free Zone of the district in the Olympic Village, focused on Knowledge Economy services, a subject that includes promoting Postal and Telecommunications Services, Computer Services and related activities, Research and Development and Business Services.

The agenda is completed with the idea of ​​promoting different services such as hotels and tourism, as well as establishing companies near popular neighborhoods.

However, the City resists at the same time a review of properties that were assigned to it by Mauricio Macri and that the Government of Alberto F has already begun to prosecute . It is another part of the differences due to the co-participation funds referred to the transfer of the Police which, on the one hand, was ordered by decree; and on the other, through a bill that has an opinion in the Senate and would be discussed this week. For his part, Larreta presented his claim to the Supreme Court and hopes to have a ruling in favor of a precautionary measure to suspend the measure that stops him from receiving money from the coparticipation.

Meanwhile, the City hopes that the talks referring to projects find a concrete instance to move forward. For now, the zoom of peace, although it passed with courtesy, does not manage to pay off the bids, but it is in tune with the "not abandoning dialogue" that Larreta professes.

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