Winks in Salta to the incorporation of Taser pistols to the local police

Pulleiro stressed that if this tool is incorporated “it will be used in certain interventions with strict action protocols and the corresponding legal framework; in addition to prior technical and legal training for the officers. ”

In this regard, the Chief of Police considered that it will allow “ operational progress that will make the service more efficient in certain interventions, reducing the risks of injury in procedures. ” .

In an official statement, the province stated that "the Taser is a non-lethal electro-shock weapon designed to temporarily immobilize the person receiving the shock" and that "it is used by security forces in developed countries".

In tune, in television statements reported by La Gaceta de Salta, Sáenz winked at the arrival of the Taser . “I think the use of taser guns is not wrong. We have the obligation to take care of the citizen, without overpowering anyone ”, said the governor . However, his surroundings lowered his tone. "For now they are only statements," they mentioned to Ámbito.

The use of pistols generated at the end of September a short circuit between Frederic and Berni when he asked for "all the Tasers that the National Government bought and that he is not going to use ”, referring to some ninety weapons acquired by the Cambiemos management, which were finally handed over to the GEOF group.

The tension led to the intervention of Chief of Staff Santiago Cafiero, who stated: “The subject of Tasers is not being studied.”

Last week, The Buenos Aires Vice Chief of Government, Diego Santilli, confirmed that the City reactivated a tender for the purchase of Taser pistols. Earlier, in Santa Fe, Governor Perotti had assured that his administration decided that the provincial police should use Tasers in the face of the growing wave of insecurity.

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