The price gap for agricultural products fell to 4.14 times in August and had its lowest historical value

The decline was driven by deep falls in the gaps of garlic zucchini onion and tomato. In the case of onion and zucchini they rearranged their gaps after registering strong increases in July.


Meanwhile, there were 7 products with increased gaps, 1 without variation and 16 with decreases in August, which pushed the IPOD downwards.

On average, consumers paid 4.14 times more than what the producer charged for the products in the gate of their fields, when in July the difference was 4.87 times. The August gap is the smallest since it began to be measured in August 2015.


The data comes from the Index of Prices at Origin and Destination (IPOD) elaborated by the Regional Economies sector of CAME based on daily online prices of the main supermarkets in the country, more than 700 prices of greengrocers and markets for each product, and prices of origin of the main producing areas, which a team of 35 pollsters.

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