S&P Merval Up With Few Trades Due to US Holidays; swap bonds debut

Argentina managed to restructure foreign debt for about 66,000 million dollars and securities under local legislation for another 41,000 million dollars.


The brand new bonds issued by Argentina began to trade this Monday in the local market , although with little volume due to the inactivity in New York.

In this sense, the Bonar 2029 (AL29) operated at $ 6,450, the Bonar 2030 (AL30), at $ 6,420; the Bonar 2035 (AL35), at $ 5,725; the Bonar 2038 (AE48), at $ 6,250; and the Bonar 2041, at $ 5,475 in the first entries in Argentine Stock Exchanges and Markets (BYMA) .

For its part, the new bonds in pesos tied to the CER, the Boncer 2026 (TX26), and the Boncer 2028 (TX28), traded at $ 84.44 and $ 82, respectively.

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