Illegal espionage: illuminating dialogues revealed about Macri's relationship with agents

"- Go on, go on, if you have a report that does not compromise them, I will pass it on to Nieto, to the private secretary, as I did the previous time … did you see?" The exchange was on Monday, December 18, 2017, and Martinengo asked Sáez for an illegal report on the preparations for the next day's demonstration against the pension reform and reiterated that he was handing over those clandestine reports to Darío Nieto, Macri's private secretary, whose homes were raided this Thursday.

The dialogue between Martinengo and Sáez clearly reflects the circuit: Macri's close collaborator received the illegal reports from the spies and passed them on to the former president's private secretary.

In the aforementioned conversation, Sáez tells him that columns from Moreno, Morón and Avellaneda were being prepared, with buses from a La Perlita company and the Evita Movement participated. Martinengo and Sáez even speculated that they would "shoot dead" at the government, agreed that the measure was bad, and speculated that Macri should postpone the pension reform until April or mid-2018.

Shortly after there was another telephone conversation: [19659003] Sáez: Susi, excuse me, I won't let you sleep. I just cut with Diego (it would be Dalmau Pereyra, the head of Counterintelligence at the Federal Intelligence Agency). This I tell you. Today ours (Gustavo) Arribas meets with him (Macri) and will inform him of everything that happens in the Province of Buenos Aires.

Martinengo: Yes, I just spoke to Nieto. I told him that things are complicated, in

S .: Moreno, Morón, Avellaneda. I told Nieto, suggest that he let December pass.

M .: This is an agitation of those who are inside in Ezeiza (it refers to the prisoners in the Ezeiza prison).

S .: Yes, yes, those who are inside and those who are going to enter.

The dialogues appear on one of the cell phones hijacked by Judge Villena. It is seen that the spies of Super Mario Bros not only delivered illegal reports but also recorded their own bosses or references. It seems clear that Sáez kept the exchanges with Martinengo and shared them with another member of the spy group, Leandro Areque. In fact, the record would have been found on the latter's cell phone.

From these recordings the elements show that Darío Nieto received the clandestine reports made by Super Mario Bros and that they were delivered to Mauricio Macri. That is why they raided the homes of someone who continues to be the former president's secretary to this day.

The moment, at least of this recording, coincides with the fall of Macri's image and approval of his management. He had won the elections in October, but the pension reform caused enormous rejection and massive demonstrations in front of Congress. The Gendarmerie's response was with rubber bullets, shovels and dozens of detainees.

In this context, it is seen that the spies delivered one of their illegal reports to Martinengo. The origin was the sending to Greater Buenos Aires of the women of the group to make a diagnosis of the mobilization and the referents. The texts were finished being written in an apartment on Calle Pilar, in Mataderos, from there they went up to Dalmau Pereyra, on the one hand, and to Martinengo in Casa Rosada, on the other.

The dialogues between Sáez and Martinengo go through all the prejudices and the reasons why illegal espionage was carried out in the Ezeiza prison.

–They are blacks, blacks from the village, they throw each other and throw the dead at him.

–All this is put together in Ezeiza, De Vido and the others. They shit on the old ones.

–The reform must be postponed until next year. But (Macri) is a tough head. When something gets into his head … Anyway, he knows everything.

To be clear, one of the dialogues closed like this:

–I am calm, all the reports that we made to you are coming to you. For me, that's a peace of mind, ”said Sáez in dialogue with Martinengo.

In other words, Mauricio Macri was given the entire product of the illegal espionage by the gang Super Mario Bros.

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