How will the weather be in the City of Buenos Aires and the country? forecast for August 19, 2020

In this sense, in the morning it will be partially cloudy and between afternoon and night there will be bad weather conditions, with winds from the south, rains and temperatures that will barely be between 6 and 12 degrees.

Thursday will be much colder, although it will be sunny, with winds from the southwest rotating to the west and thermal marks that will oscillate between 1 and 13 degrees.

For Friday a clear sky and winds from the west are announced, with a minimum temperature of 3 degrees and a maximum of 16.

The National Meteorological Service (SMN) also reported that this week there will be a new outbreak of polar air that will affect the entire country, with a marked drop in temperature and probable snowfall in some specific sectors of the province of Buenos Aires Córdoba region of Cuyo and Northwest Region .

Both on Monday and yesterday the cold arrived to Pa tagonia continuing through the central strip of the country between Tuesday 18 and Wednesday 19, and finally affecting the entire north of Argentina between Wednesday 19 and Thursday 20.

The mountain range and west of Catamarca cordilleran area, central and west of Jujuy cordilleran area of ​​ La Rioja and the cordilleran area and west of Salta will continue being affected by intense winds from the west sector. They will reach speeds between 65 and 90 km / h with gusts. Temporary decreases are not ruled out. The conditions will persist at least until Thursday the 20th.

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