Biden and Harris launched a Democratic formula, with a focus on the soul of the United States and darts at Trump

That message appeared as a contrast to the "us or chaos" message posed by the current president, Donald Trump, and his vice, Mike Pence, seeking re-election.

Today's event in Wulmington, Delaware state , where Biden resides, was the first shared by the formula, after yesterday the former vice president of Barack Obama announced the election of Harris, senator for California, as his running mate.

"This is a fight for the soul of the United States and I am proud that Kamala is by my side in that battle," said Biden in an event that, although the formulas will be proclaimed by the Democratic and Republican conventions in order to This month, it was taken as the launch of the final leg of the race to the White House

This campaign, it is expected, will be aggressive, as Trump has already hinted, and will necessarily be marked by the health and economic crisis that is leaving in its wake the coronavirus pandemic.

Harris warned that the country is suffering from "a leadership crisis" and stated that it is "ready to start working" in a new administration as of January 2021, when the winner of the general election on November 3 assumes the new mandate.

"I am proud to be by your side and I am aware of the heroic and ambitious women who preceded me," said the senator, who was one of the politicians who was in the bid to be number two on the Democratic ballot.

The candidacy of Kamala Harris, the first candidate for vice black of multiracial origin - of Jamaican father and Indian mother -, has as its initial attraction that a victory in the elections will position this woman from 55 years on the grid for the presidential elections of 2024 because Biden, 77, has said that his will be a transitional presidency, that is, four years.

"I have no doubt that I have chosen to the right person for you and join me as the next vice president of the United States, "said Biden, who confided that with his nomination" black and colored girls, who have often been ignored or undervalued, perhaps today, are seen in a different way: as material for vice president and president ".

"One of the reasons I chose Kamala is because we both believe that America can be defined in one word: possibilities," added poll favorite Biden .

Harris reiterated several times in his speech that the United States has a leadership problem and, at the same time, drew parallels with former President Barack Obama (2009-2017), which is discounted will play an important role in this electoral campaign.

Both Harris and Biden pointed their darts at Trump for his handling of the new coronavirus crisis for which the Democratic candidate proposed a plan that will make the US "turn the corner" of a crisis that has left more of 165,000 deaths in the country.

"The virus has impacted almost all countries, but there is a reason why it has hit the US worse than another advanced nation. It is because of Trump's failure to take it seriously from the beginning, "said the vice candidate, who held the president responsible for the increase in unemployment and the economic crisis.

In one more sample of his initiative, Harris assured that if the Democrats reach the White House will propose plans to deal with climate change, show that "the future is built in America" and that the affordable health insurance plans approved by Obama are maintained, as well as plans to "root out systemic racism" which has prompted protests across the country since May.

"Trump inherited from Obama and Joe Biden the largest economic expansion in history and did what he has done with everything he has inherited, put it down, "he added.

As a first reaction to the appointment of Kamala Harris as running mate, Biden announced today that they are getting a record number of donations for their campaign in the last 24 hours. That increase, he said, is due to the arrival of Kamala to his presidential formula.

The virtual candidate assured that Harris is a candidate who has provoked a "strong reaction", and stressed that her suitability is demonstrated because Trump called her yesterday at a "rude" and "unpleasant" press conference.

"Trump has a problem with strong women," said Biden, who also stressed that Harris knows the difficulties immigrants face, because she is the daughter of them.

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